Naruto Run in Central Park

Naruto Run in Central Park

Naruto Run Photo


Whoah! This was such a wild ride.   What started out as a joke between my friends and I turned out to become a huge meme in Central Park this past weekend.  I recently hosted a “Naruto Run” in the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, that garnered over 4000 Attendees!  It was so popular that I was even featured in a CNET article! (and even Kotaku!) Don’t believe me?  Click the links and check out my interview and some footage of us running like ninjas in the park!

To be honest, when I first created the event, I didn’t think it would have gotten so popular.  People even  thought it was a joke event, but when It reached over 3000 attendees, my friends urged me to go all the way and actually make the run a reality.  When I arrived at the event, I was surprised to find out that most of the people in attendance were all around the same age as me- mid to late twenty year olds!  We all realized that the Naruto run reminded us of our childhoods growing up in the mid 2000’s and that we all pretty much grew up and matured with the characters of Naruto.  Everyone was nice at the event and I really felt nostalgic of the long summer days I used to watch Naruto with my friends in high school lounging around my living room with an ice cold Ramune.

And to be honest, I feel like everyone else felt that same sense of childhood innocence and nostalgia of simpler times even if it was only for a fleeting hour.

Anyways, the event was what I could say, a success, and I hope to host it again next summer!