Queering the Virtual Experience Lecture at NYU

Queering the Virtual Experience Lecture at NYU

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Voguing Reality Live Stream

I was recently invited to give  a guest lecture at NYU’s Makerspace in Brooklyn!  I was invited as part of NYU Pride Month, a month long celebration of the LGBT community at NYU.  My lecture focused on my thesis, Voguing Reality, where I talked about the relation between Drag Culture and Virtual Reality.

I was nervous to give my first guest lecture in front of real students, but once I got up to the front of the space, I realized that everyone one there was just excited to see the queering of tech spaces!  It was so heart warming to know that I was helping inspire and influence undergrads into navigating queerness, especially under the lens of technology and media, which so often doesn’t really highlight the LGBT experience.

Check out the link to the live stream recording.  Disclaimer: audio is a bit shoddy.